'Dragon Ball Super': Whis’ Do-Over Power Hints That He Can Revive People

This week, Dragon Ball Super continued to get into the mystery surrounding the villains behind the "Future Trunks Saga," Goku Black, and Zamasu!

After Goku, Whis, and Beerus came to speak with Gowasu about Zamasu's nefarious plans for mortals, the two deities hatched a sneaky little plan. They allowed Zamasu to believe that he was getting away with his secret scheme, secretly observing him up to the moment when he was about to strike Gowasu down. The trio let dark deed take place, before Whis uses his staff and angel powers to create another "do-over" opportunity (first seen in the "Resurrection F" arc), reversing the timeline in saving Gowasu's life. Beerus finishes the job, unleashing his Hakai to wipe Zamasu out of existence.

It was a pretty exciting (and rare) "investigative episode" of Dragon Ball Super - one that dropped all sorts of important foreshadows for the future of the series. The biggest hint we got was Whis using his power in this way. Based on the confidence that both Whis and Beerus had in their plan, there's hint that the pair have played fast and loose with people's lives before, when it comes to matters of cosmic fate.

...And fans of the Dragon Ball Super Japanese and Sub series know exactly where that hint is headed!

Dragon Ball Super Sub SPOILERS follow!

Whis' resurrection powers become a much bigger deal at the very end of Dragon Ball Super's "Universal Survival Arc" and Tournament of Power event. When the Zenos bring multiple Universes into a massive battle royale, it comes down to Goku, Freeza, and Android 17 as the last fighters in Universe 7, versus the all-powerful Jiren of Universe 11.

In that fight, Freeza makes an unprecedented and noble move of sacrificing himself (with tag-team help from Goku) to take Jiren out. Freeza does this knowing that his desire for Goku to wish him back to life will go unfulfilled, opting to keep Universe 7 alive, rather than trying to realize his own selfish wish. That rare moment of nobility and empathy gets Freeza a big reward: Whis uses his staff to resurrect Freeza, opening up a bold new chapter of the Dragon Ball mythos, that will be fleshed out in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie, and continued in the next anime series.



Do you think it's over for Zamasu in Dragon Ball Super, or will the villain somehow return? Let us know what you think, in the comments (no spoilers)!

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