'High School DxD' Just Retconned A Lot Of Its Anime's Past

If you hadn’t heard, High School DxD is back and bouncier than ever. The series made its return this month with its fourth season, and fans have been waiting to reunite with Issei and his devilish harem. Still, there was a question of how High School DxD Hero would deal with its poorly received third season, but that worry did not last for long.

After all, the premiere of season four did some major retconning.

If you have checked out the start of High School DxD Hero, then you know how far it went to block out the events of season three. This new season simply used Loki and his antagonistic nature to full retcon all of season three. According to High School DxD Hero, Loki wound up altering the future by the end of High School DxD BorN. All of his changes led Loki to create an alternative timeline where season three did take place. As for season four — well, it is still firmly housed in the show’s main continuity.

For the most part, fans can forget that any of the things in season three went down. The show is technically canon if you look at it from the alternate timeline, but it does not connect to the series’ latest season.

For those of you unfamiliar with the retconning debacle, the drama dates back to High School DxD BorN. The anime’s former production company TNK tried to adapt three light novel volumes into one season. The crammed pacing forced High School DxD BorN to leave out some important content, and and it ended season three with an anime-only story.


The filler story ended up conflicted with a few future arcs in the light novel, so High School DxD’s creator chose to move the anime to a new production company known as Passione. This new studio had to retcon the mistake from season three as the series laid out those corrections with a side novel called High School DxD EX. So, audiences can expect the anime to follow High School DxD’s light novels much more closely moving forward.

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