'One Piece' Just Set Up The Start Of Its 'Wano' Arc

If you feel like the ‘Whole Cake Island’ arc has been going on for awhile, then you are not alone. One Piece has kept itself busy with Big Mom and her crew for awhile now, but it looks like its focus will shift soon enough. After all, One Piece did just tease the arrival of its long-awaited ‘Wano’ arc with its latest chapter.

If you are caught up with One Piece, then you will know its manga took a big step with its most recent release. Chapter 901 went live last week, and the update followed the Straw Hat crew as they continued their daring escape from Cacao Island. With Sanji back on board, the crew was nearly trampled by Big Mom’s massive fleet, but the Sun Pirates took a stand against the Yonko.

Fans watched as the Fishman crew offered to back up the Straw Hat crew’s rear as Big Mom tried to catch up. The suicidal move would keep the fleet from Monkey D. Luffy and allow their escape, but Jinbe was not willing to leave his friends behind. The soon-to-be Straw Hat was given permission by Luffy to stay behind and help. However, the captain’s next words are the ones fans picked up on.

“We’ll escape but we’ll wait for you at Wano,” Luffy declared, looking more serious than he has in recent history. “You must come!”


The declaration showed off a rather rare side of Luffy, and it confirmed that the ‘Wano’ arc is just around the corner. The Straw Hats are determined to sail to the isolated country ASAP, and the only thing left that can get in their way is Big Mom. The Yonko separated from her crew to find Luffy after gorging on some cake, so there may be one battle left in the ‘Whole Cake Island’ arc before it wraps. Then, it seems the Straw Hats will finally sneak into Wano and reunite to liberate the country from Kaido.

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