'Sword Art Online' Fans Have Fallen For 'Gun Gale Online's LLENN

Since its debut, Sword Art Online has gone through its growing pains. The gaming-centric series seemed to enjoy overnight success once its anime went live, but its popularity gave the series lots of detractors. Until recently, it became trendy to hate on Sword Art Online, but it seems the anime’s first spin-off has the anime fandom singing a very different tune.

After all, the lead of the franchise’s new show has everyone wrapped around her cute, pink fingers. You go, LLENN.

Earlier this month, the anime fandom tuned in to see how Sword Art Online’s curious return would go. The franchise released its first spin-off title, Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, to kick off the spring anime season. The series promises to pave way for the anime’s third season this fall, so you can see why everyone’s eyes fell to Gun Gale Online in turn. And, luckily, LLENN has been around to charm the bullets off everyone.

This week, Gun Gale Online shared its second episode, and fans have taken to social media to share how much LLENN has upped the show’s quality. The heroine debuted in the anime’s first episode, but viewers were able to dig into LLENN and her backstory this week.


As you can see above, many fans fell for LLENN and her surprising history. The in-game avatar may be tiny and clad in pink, but she is no pushover. Her adorable face and clothes make her a very unassuming threat, and Gun Gale Online stunned when it revealed LLENN’s pink outfit actually acts as camouflage in the dessert. Her bumbling efforts make LLENN endearing to a fault, but her ability to strategize and misdirect her opponents is downright genius. So, if Kirito wants to start taking lessons from LLENN, then the protagonist is more than welcome to start.

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