'Tokyo Ghoul:re' Introduces New Sex-Themed Villain

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Villains Nutcracker Mayu

No one has ever described Tokyo Ghoul as being conservative or squeamish when it comes to violence and gore - but the series just threw a major kinky twist into the mix, with the introduction of its latest ghoul villain!

In season 3 episode 2, "Fragments: member" Quinx Squad is pulled off the Torso case, after a harrowing battle between Haise Sasaki, and the masked ghoul Orochi. Later in the episode, Sasaki, Ginshi and Mutsuki begin work on Quinx Squad's next case: investigating a mysterious ghoul named "The Nutcracker."

A quick interlude introduces to The Nutcracker, and explains how she got that moniker: appearing as a dominatrix in a NSFW sexual scene, "The Nutcracker" likes to sadistically crush her victims' testicles under her boot heel, before feeding on their fluids!

Clearly The Nutcracker will be a big case for Quinx Squad to investigate and solve. While Tokyo Ghoul has been known to introduce some crazy sadistic and flamboyantly strange ghoul villains (see: Jason and Shuu), but The Nutcracker is definitely on another level, entirely!

WARNING - Manga Spoilers Follow!

In the Tokyo Ghoul:re manga, Quinx Squad's investigation leads to a lot of deeper revelations about The Nutcracker (aka "Mayu"). We find out that she's not just some lone ghoul serial killer - she's a much bigger player in the illicit activities of the ghoul underworld. The Nutcracker helps in a ghoul-run trafficking auction (securing humans for sale), and is also part of a Gourmet. When Quinx Squad realizes the scope of her activities, they launch a full-on investigation to bring her down.

After certain members of the squad go undercover to infiltrate the auction, Nutcracker turns the tables, capturing them, and attempting to sell one of the Quinx agents on the auction market. That plan backfires, and Quinx Squad ends up coming to blows with Mayu repeatedly, eventually resulting in her death.

Tokyo Ghoul has a history of good female ghoul villains, going back to Rize Kamishiro, in the first episode of the series. After Eto Yoshimura in season 2, it seems like Nutcracker / Mayu will be keeping that tradition alive.



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