This Unreal Engine 'Pokemon' Scene Has Fans Desperate For A Full Game

When it comes to Pokemon, things are pretty straight when it comes to gaming. You encounter a Pokemon, you capture the Pokemon, and then you duel with those Pokemon. The fan-favorite title has drawn in billions of fans with its mechanics, but there are gamers who want something different down the line.

So, thanks to one fan, you can get an idea of what a more story-centric take on Pokemon gaming could look like.

Over on Reddit, a fan by the name /TJATOMIC posted a piece of animation they did for the Japanese series. The clip, which can be seen below, was crafted via Unreal Engine and shows a haunting start to a very intriguing game premise.

An Unreal Engine scene I made based on if a Pokemon Trainer accidentally lost their Pokemon - Title: Where Are You? from r/anime

As you can see, the clip is a short one. With slow music in the background, fans can see an abandoned PokeBall sitting in a muddy field by itself. The item is seen glowing red in a SOS as rain pours down from above, leaving fans to wonder just what happened.

According to the animator, the Unreal Engine scene was inspired by a depressing idea. TJATOMIC says the reel shows what might happen if a Pokemon Trainer were to lose one of their PokeBalls by accident, and this animation shows that reality would be an upsetting one.

Obviously, there is no game in development by The Pokemon Company with this premise (that fans know about), but the Internet is desperate to see this story fleshed out. The Nintendo title has come far from its pixel past, but Pokemon has yet to go all-out with the kind of gaming graphics Unreal Engine can offer. Fans would eat up a console title if it came out looking like this and focused on a lost Pokemon’s journey to reunite with their trainer. So, maybe someone with The Pokemon Company will stumble upon this now-viral post.


The Pokemon Company may not have any games like this in the works, but rumors seem to suggest some new titles are coming. Recently, domains for the franchise were registered with the names Pokemon Let’s Go: Pikachu as well as Pokemon Let’s Go: Eevee. The company who saved these names registered the domain for the Pokemon Sun and Moon back in 2016, so fans are speculating that The Pokemon Company is preparing to unveil two new games this year.

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