New 'Dragon Ball' Anime Reveals Its Cast and Characters

The Dragon Ball franchise is going to be trying something truly different, with the launch of a new anime series based on the Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game. Thanks to some promo releases, Dragon Ball fans now have a clear idea of the voice actors and characters that will appear in the Dragon Ball Heroes anime.

Here's the breakdown (via Redditt):

Son Goku
VA: Masako Nozawa

A kind-hearted Saiyan who is training every day to be the strongest. He heads to the Prison Planet where Trunks has supposedly been taken.

VA: Ryō Horikawa

In order to rescue his son Trunks (who returned from the future), he resolves to head to the Prison Planet. He's suspicious of the mysterious man "Fu".

Trunks: Future
VA: Takeshi Kusao

He came from the future to receive training from Goku and the others on Beerus' planet, but has now been imprisoned by somebody on the mysterious Prison Planet.

VA: Eiko Yamada

Came from the future with Trunks. On Beerus' planet she cooks and does other things to help with the training, but when she learns Trunks has been imprisoned on the Prison Planet, she heads there despite knowing the risks.

VA: Kappei Yamaguchi

A mysterious man who brings news that Trunks has been taken to the Prison Planet. Though he claims to be Trunks' friend, his true identity is unknown. His aloof personality makes it difficult to tell what he's thinking.

Son Goku: Xeno
VA: Masako Nozawa

A Son Goku from another dimension who works for the Time Patrol. He seems to be investigating the Prison Planet, but…

VA: Ryūsei Nakao

Teams up with Trunks in order to escape from the Prison Planet.

The Evil Saiyan
VA: Rikiya Koyama

A mysterious warrior interred by Fu on the Prison Planet. With his astonishing power, he rampages through the Prison Planet and overwhelms Goku and co.

This pretty much tracks with what we'd previously heard - namely that the Dragon Ball Heroes anime will be delving into the video game's new "Prison Planet Arc," which sees Dragon Ball video game villain, Fu, imprison Future Trunks on a mysterious Prison Planet. When Goku Xeno (the name for Goku SSJ4 from the Dragon Ball GT timeline) its starts off a race to collect the Dragon Balls from various prisoners holding them - before Fu's ally, the new "Evil Saiyan" character gathers them first!


In addition to Dragon Ball Heroes anime character details, and a more detailed story synopsis, we also got the official first character designs for the series. Be sure to click the link and check those out. There's no confirmation yet on how many episodes of the PR anime there will be, but the first two episodes will debut in early July. How the show's performance might affect plans for future Dragon Ball series is another big topic we've been discussing - let us know your thoughts in the comments!

The Dragon Ball Heroes anime premieres on July 1st.