This 'Pokemon' Animation Reveals A Hilarious Starter Skirmish

A hilarious new animated short featuring the slapstick-esque antics of three popular Pokemon has gone viral on Twitter.

Last week, the Twitter user @KarmaAnimation posted a two minute short showing off an accidental battle of sorts between Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. What starts off as some harmless fun between Pokemon turns into a weird and hilarious series of accidents that leads to evolutions, attacks, and more.

The Twitter post received a whopping 257,000+ likes as of press time and keeps popping up in our Twitter feed as more and more people share and retweet the video.

The weirdest moment of the film is when Charmander evolves straight to Charizard and prepares to unleash its fury on Bulbasaur and Wartortle. However, Charizard's rage is halted when it sees Wartortle apparently urinating on Bulbasaur's bulb, providing the Grass-Type Pokemon with some....unique nourishment. It seems that Wartortle's secondary water stream had some immense growing properties, as Bulbasaur's plant blooms into a full blown tree, even though Bulbasaur stays the same size.

Be sure to stick around for the credits, as there are several hilarious stills revealing what happened to each of the three Pokemon. While Charizard has to deal with his sudden growth spurt, Wartortle remains laid up as a result of the fight, and Bulbasaur has to deal with some Pidgey moving into his back tree.


According to Karma Animation's Twitter feed, it took them about a year to complete the animation project. It's definitely one of the better Pokemon fan projects we've seen in a while.

Although some Pokemon fans might be rankled by the project's loose rules on evolution (we see one partial animation and one skipped evolution), it's still a hilarious must-see video for Pokemon fans.