'Dragon Ball Super' Fans Found The Best Beerus Cosplay Yet

Cosplaying and anime are just about inseparable. Over the years, fans have created some truly impressive anime get-ups, and Dragon Ball has been given its fair share. Everyone from Zarbon to Yamcha has a cosplayer, so you can guess how many people have given Beerus a got.

However, there can only be one top-notch Beerus cosplay, and the Internet thinks they just found it.

As you can see below, fans began buzzing about a special Beerus cosplay. One proud cat owner took their Sphynx cat and gave them the kind of makeover Whis would be proud of.

Cosplay Kitty Beerus from r/dbz

Barring Beerus’ ear piercing, this kitty cat pulls out his DIY cosplay of Beerus with ease. The pet can be seen dressed in baggy blue pants with Beerus’ embroidery on it. The look is completed with golden cuffs, and Mini Beerus pulls off his fabric collar as well. The cosplayer’s wide eyes are as expressive as the God of Destruction’s yellow ones, and this kitty is on the swole side.

Seriously, take a look at his forearms. This is a house cat that refuses to miss arm day.

Of course, it isn’t hard to see why this Beerus cosplay is being bolstered by fans. When the Dragon Ball character was created, Akira Toriyama did so after being inspired by his own house cat. According to a 30th anniversary collection, Toriyama revealed he based Beerus on his Sphynx cat named Debo.

“The new character Beerus is based on sensei’s favorite cat,” the book revealed. “The new character Beerus, God of Destruction, appeared in the film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. In fact, the model for Beerus and his feline appearance was the anime-crazy Toriyama-sensei’s beloved house cat.”

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