Usain Bolt Shows off His 'Naruto' Love

The Naruto franchise has seen it fanbase spread across the world, and as we've seen in the last year, there are few outside Japan who celebrate the anime genre more than the peoples of The Caribbean and South America. Case in point: take a look below at how Jamaica's Olympic superstar Usain Bolt honors Naruto in his own life:

That epic multi-piece Naruto: Shippuden mural is something most fans would look at with serious envy. It's the type of piece you often see at conventions and Cons - usually with the type of hefty price tag that makes most fans simply stare at it with wishful eyes. However, when you are Usain Freaking Bolt, wishes like this are easy to fulfill!

This just goes to show how many serious anime fans there are among celebrities all over the world. As the genre continues to carve out a big lane in global media, more stars are showing their love - whether it's Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan proclaiming his own Naruto and Dragon Ball love, or model/actress Ruby Rose proclaiming herself a living anime character. That's just the tip of an icberg that's proving to be even bigger under the surface than anyone could've guessed. Anime may be getting more celebrity endorsements that Nike, at this point.

The Naruto franchise has now moved into the new series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, which explores Naruto's adult years, as he tries to raise his rebellious son, Boruto. The last episode of the series revealed a highly-dramatic ending, with Naruto seemingly sacrificing himself to protect Boruto and the other citizens of the Hidden Leaf.

WARNING - Boruto Spoilers Follow!


Thanks to synopsis for upcoming episodes of Boruto, we know that Naruto isn't dead - yet. New villain Momoshiki Otsutsuki actually captures Naruto, in an attempt to drain him of Nine-Tails' chakra. The process will be a torturous one for Naruto, setting a ticking clock for Sasuke, Boruto, and the Hidden Leaf shinobi to mount a rescue.

Boruto airs on Thursdays (typically) on streaming services like Crunchyroll and Hulu.