This Super-Sized 'Pokemon' Plush Is What Every Lapras Lover Needs

When you are a fan of Pokemon, there is no such thing as having too much of a good thing. Given the franchise’s popularity, there are more Pokemon out there to love than ever before, and a favorite is getting the plush of your dreams.

So, if you ever wondered what it would be like to ride atop a Lapras, then you better start saving up your money now.

Over in Japan, Bandai let fans know it will release a massive Lapras plush this year. According to reports, the super-sized doll will hit shelves later this year, and the cuddly doll is as cute as you’d expect.

As you can see above, the big plush is an exact replica of Lapras from the anime and games. Its bright blue palate is spot-on, and Lapras has a surprisingly soft shell covering its back.

As for the size of this thing, the Lapras plush is 2 meters tall and 1.2 meters wide. It weighs a hefty 16 kg, and Bandai says the toy is recommended for anyone ages 6+ given its size.

Naturally, Bandai put the Lapras super-sized plush up for pre-order, and the demand for the doll was as insane as predicted. The company confirmed the pre-order sold out within 5 hours of going live. Bandai will release a second wave of these plushes come August, so fans will want to keep their eyes peeled on online retailers to see when resales of the Lapras doll will go live.


If this Lapras plush is too big for your collection, then the folks behind Pokemon have your back. This year, a new line of 'Pokemon Fit' plushes will hit shelves at Pokemon Center stores worldwide. The franchise's original 151 Pokemon will be made into handheld dolls for fans to collect with each costing just around $10 USD. That price is a far cry from the Lapras' doll as it goes for a whopping $700+ USD.

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