'Attack on Titan' Season 3 Begins With a Major Spoiler

While the premiere of Attack on Titan Season 3 isn't set to air until July 22, the episode was shown in theaters around the country last night, and fans were given an opening scene that they certainly weren't expecting. If you paid close attention, the scene was actually a major spoiler for the distant future of the series.

WARNING: Major Spoilers ahead for the Attack on Titan Season 3 premiere! Continue reading at your own risk..

If you recall, the second season of Attack on Titan ended with the Scouts returning home from the battle with the Armored Titan, and Eren realized that he could control the minds of other titans. The final scene featured the Beast Titan and another figure watching the city from afar.

Everyone expected the third season to pick up here, right where Season 2 left off, but that wasn't the case. The premiere actually starts with a flash-forward scene, showing an older version of Eren.

In the opening minutes of Season 3, grown-up Eren is seen standing on a beach, looking out over an ocean. He says that Armin told him about a sea beyond the walls, but he never exactly believed. But there he was, face-to-face with the vast body of water, realizing that his world had just changed for good.

The world is much bigger than anyone on the show has realized to this point. It's not just a couple of wooded areas beyond the walls. There is actually an entire planet to be explored.

If you've read the Attack on Titan manga, you've probably been expecting this storyline, but it wasn't supposed to arrive for quite a while. The written version of the story doesn't feature the enormity of the world for another two arcs from the current timeline. The anime should still be a long way from reaching this point, but it looks as though the producers and directors wanted to start teasing the arc earlier than expected.

This could just be one tease, allowing viewers to build for the future. Then again, it could also be the start of several changes from the manga series. Surely more will be revealed as Season 3 continues.


Were you surprised to see the ocean makes its debut in the Attack on Titan Season 3 premiere? What other surprises do you think are in store? Let us know by sharing your best theories and predictions in the comments below!

Attack on Titan Season 3 will premiere online and around the globe on July 22. You can check out our official review of the premiere right here!