Live-Action 'Gundam' Movie Teases Its Focus On Female Characters

Gundam is ready to rocket off towards Hollywood, and the live-action film has grabbed the attention of fans around the world. There’s still a long way to go before the film is ready, but the folks at Sunrise are thinking about the adaptation already.

And, yes — it looks like the franchise will be lifting up its slew of female pilots.

Recently, Weekly Playboy did an interview with Sunrise’s president. Miyakawa Yasuo opened up about the series’ future, and the president said his team is interested in highlighting Gundam’s large cast of female heroines in this adaptation. You can read a translated summary of Miyakawa’s interview below thanks to Gundam Universe:

“We are also aware of the cultural movement shaking the U.S. these days. As such, we are looking into how the presence of Gundam’s many female characters can be enhanced in this live-action film,” the president said.

Of course, the creative isn’t wrong about Gundam and its array of female characters. The franchise has introduced hundreds of characters over its tenure, and a fair share of them have been women. A slew of female pilots have also been introduced, and series such as Mobile Suit Gundam 080: War in the Pocket have featured heroines as leads. Still, many of these female characters have played second string to their male counterparts, but Hollywood’s rising demand for diversity will hopefully level up these women’s status on the big screen.

As for what the film will be about or who will show up, fans are not sure. During his recent interview, Miyakawa kept quiet on the subject, but he did have something to tease fans over.


“The live-action movie will not be one about soldiers engaged in heroic actions. Instead, it will probably be a film based on normal people in an extraordinary context while remaining faithful to the basic principals of Gundam.”

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