Red Bull Embraces 'Akira' in Formula One Art

Red Bull Racing is gearing up for this weekend's Formula One Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka International Racing Circuit in true anime style with a clear homage to the classic of classics, Akira.

The poster is a take on the Akira film's theatrical poster featuring protagonist Kaneda walking towards his iconic bike, down to the crack in the road on the left. Red Bull, of course, replaces with bike with its own F1 car and Kaneda with one of its drivers. In the film, Kaneda eventually triumphs over the film's antagonist, Tetsuo, and it's safe to assume that Red Bull considers its drivers the protagonist here. It's honestly a pretty uncanny rendition.

You can check out the poster in the embedded tweet below:

This is just the latest in the company's efforts to embrace the Japanese race, including a couple features with their drivers centered on the language and culture. In one, the two drivers attempt Japanese words, and calligraphy is a focus of another. In general, the content is respectful while also engaging with Japanese aspect of the race on its own terms.


The Japanese Grand Prix is scheduled to take place on October 7th at 2:10pm local time. You can read more about the race on Red Bull Racing's website here.

What do you think of the Akira homage? Is it too much or just right? Let us know in the comments!