This Viral Video Gives 'The Legend of Zelda' A Perfect Anime

The Legend of Zelda hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to animation, but that doesn’t mean all of Hyrule has to suffer for it. After all, fans know the Nintendo title is all but begging for an anime, and one group of artist proved that just recently.

Over on Youtube, a now-viral video has gone live showing how The Legend of Zelda could look as an anime. The fan-animation takes the gorgeous scenery of Breath of the Wild and turn Link’s adventure into a gorgeous short.

Oh, and if you weren’t rightfully scared of Guardians already, this clip will change your mind.

As you can see above, the clip features Link in his usual blue tunic as he crouches behind a large rock. The hero is at a loss as a small Korok weeps next to him, leaving Link ready to do whatever it takes to make his friend stop. It’s just a bit unfortunate that the thing the Korok needs is the destruction of two Guardians.

The fluid reel sees Link go to task against the ancient machines, but the Guardians give the fabled hero a hard time. After being knocked to the ground, Link is left vulnerable to another attack, but he is able to comeback at the last moment thanks to some help from Mipha. A solid lunge into the air allows Link to reflect the Guardians’ beams back onto themselves, and Link ends the reel on his back as a very happy Korok hugs him.


Created by Youyang Kong and Qianya Yin, this animation proves The Legend of Zelda is ready for an anime take. Nintendo may keep its titles under lock and key for the most part, but franchises like Pokemon prove anime and gaming go hand in hand. So, if studios like CloverWork or Bones are free, they would fit this fantastical aesthetic. Just, maybe they better make sure to hire these fan-animators before all is said and done.

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