'Dragon Ball' Fan Constructs Massive Majin Buu Snowman

The weather has been pretty darn cold lately with most of the United States now covered in blankets of snow during a hefty deep freeze, but some of the most resilient folks out there are anime fans who still find the fun in all of that cold.

One Dragon Ball fan did just that and transformed nine inches of snowfall into a giant, 50-inch Majin Buu snowman. You can check it out below.

When life gives you 9-inches of snow, make a 50-inch Majin Buu! from r/dbz

Reddit user mtcarr888 shared their massive Majin Buu sculpture (complete with cape), and it impressively capture Majin Buu's likeness. What's even more surprising is that there was enough snow to capture Majin Buu's mass as well in order to bring the character to snowy life. Majin Buu was one of the less popular villains in the franchise for a time, and it's most likely because Cell was a hard act to follow.

The first incarnation of Majin Buu is undoubtedly the fan-favorite out of the many forms of Majin Buu, however, and it's probably why the character was brought back later in the saga. Though Majin Buu's appearance in the Dragon Ball franchise was scattered across a huge arc and many forms, the character is now a major mainstay that fans are now clamoring more from as the franchise continues putting out new projects.

One of the more controversial choices at first was when Majin Buu was pointed out as one of the many warriors participating in Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power only to be replaced a later date. While his replacement Freeza ended up providing several great moments before Super reached its end, there are fans out there wondering how Buu would have done in the tournament. At least he has a snowy tribute here.


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