'Detective Pikachu' Reveals First-Look At Growlithe

Detective Pikachu stands to become a bonafide hit if it breaks Hollywood’s curse with anime and video games. The highly anticipated film has been a point of conversation since its first trailer dropped, and a recent teaser did something special for fans.

Yes, that’s right. All you Growlithe lovers can calm down now as a first-look was shown for the fiery pup recently.

Not long ago, Detective Pikachu shared its new teaser trailer, and it saw Pikachu drop some clever one-liners. The iconic pocket monster, who Ryan Reynolds voices, is seen bantering with Tim (Justice Smith) about their partnership. As the trailer continues, fans are given a few glances of Pokemon like Lickitung, but Growlithe is a blink-and-miss shot.

pokemon growlithe
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

In the teaser, fans will remember Pikachu letting one rip at a bar, but he is not alone in the shot. An image of Growlithe can be seen in the background real quick as the Pokemon dines with a character off screen.

Fans were quick to point out the overlooked moment, and Growlithe fans united in joy over the cameo. After all, the pocket monster does have a long reputation with Pokemon, and Growlithes have made anime cameos lots since their Generation 1 debut. Not only did James train a Growlithe as a child, but Officer Jenny uses the creature as well. Growlithe’s evolution of Arcanine has also become a popular character in the franchise as trainers like Gary used them in battle.

So far, little is know about how Growlithe will fit into the film or if this shot is a simple one-off. So far, Detective Pikachu has referenced dozens of Pokemon since its first-look was shown last year. Now, fans can expect the team at Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary to spotlight more monsters moving forward; Recently, it was announced a sequel to Detective Pikachu is already in the works with Reynolds returning and writer Oren Uziel overseeing the script.

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Want to know more about the live-action outing? The official synopsis for Detective Pikachu reads as follows:

"The story begins when ace detective Harry Goodman goes mysteriously missing, prompting his 21-year-old son Tim to find out what happened. Aiding in the investigation is Harry’s former Pokémon partner, Detective Pikachu: a hilariously wise-cracking, adorable super-sleuth who is a puzzlement even to himself. Finding that they are uniquely equipped to communicate with one another, Tim and Pikachu join forces on a thrilling adventure to unravel the tangled mystery. Chasing clues together through the neon-lit streets of Ryme City—a sprawling, modern metropolis where humans and Pokémon live side by side in a hyper-realistic live-action world—they encounter a diverse cast of Pokémon characters and uncover a shocking plot that could destroy this peaceful co-existence and threaten the whole Pokémon universe."