'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure' Part 5 Reveals Blu-ray, DVD Cover Art

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind was one of the most stylish anime releases of the Fall 2018 anime season, and that style is starting to expand outside of the series as each of the characters seems to grace the Blu-ray and DVD releases in Japan.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is gearing up for its home entertainment release, and you can check out the stylish cover art for it below.

As spotted by @WTK on Twitter, the first volume of the Blu-ray and DVD release of the Golden Wind series features Giorno Giovanna alongside his Stand, Golden Experience. Part 5 features another dramatic shift in art and character design from the previous season, Diamond is Unbreakable, and is a major showcase for creator Hirohiko Araki's evolving art.

The second and third volume covers have that same amount of style as well as Volume 2 features Bruno Bucciarati, and Volume 3 features Narancia Ghirga. Future volumes will most likely feature the other members of the Bucciarati Gang, but until they're shown off there's no telling what order they will be featured in. As long as Mista isn't the cover of Volume 4, it should be well received by fans.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind is the fifth part of Hirohiko Araki's series, and follows Giorno Giovanna, the son of former series villain Dio Brando, as he joins the mafia group Passione in order to change and reform them into reputable thieves and crooks from the inside. The anime adaptation premiered last October, and can be currently found streaming on Crunchyroll.

Yasuhiro Kimura, Hideaya Takahashi, and Naokatsu Tsuda are directing the adaptation for David Production, and the voice cast for the series currently includes Kensho Ono as Giorno Giovanna, Yuichi Nakamura as Bruno Bucciarati, Daiki Yamashita as Narancia Ghirga, Junya Enoki as Pannacotta Fugo, Kousuke Toriumi as Guido Mista, Junichi Suwabe as Leone Abbacchio, and Sayaka Senbongi as Trish Una.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was originally created by Hirohiko Araki for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in 1987. Currently the second longest running series in the magazine with over 100 volumes collected, the series tells the story of the Joestar family, who are each entwined in a destiny battling outrageous foes. The series has been split up into eight parts, with each part following a different generation of the Joestar family.



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