'Dragon Ball' Exhibit Reveals Secret Behind Majin Buu's Planet Destroying Technique

Dragon Ball Z villain Majin Buu holds the distinction of being the only villain in the anime's history to successfully destroy the Earth. During the later half of the Buu Saga, Goku and Vegeta successfully retrieved Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, Trunks and the original Buu from inside Super Buu's body, which inadvertently transformed him back into the unhinged Kid Buu. This new, smaller version of the pink menace wasted no time in causing the Earth to explode with a massive energy attack, forcing Goku to use Instant Transmission to escape the exploding planet with Vegeta, Dende and Hercule without having enough time to grab everyone else.

Kanzenshuu's Todd Blankenship, better known as Herms, took to Twitter on Sunday with some interesting new information regarding Buu's destruction of the planet. The post showed a Dragon Ball exhibit from the Tokyo Skytree in Tokyo, Japan from December, which directly quoted information from the series' Daizenshuu 7 encyclopedia. According to the exhibit, it wasn't Buu's blast alone that caused the explosion.

"A technique of generating a giant ki energy ball on the palm and fling it on the ground," the exhibit read while explaining Buu's attack. "The power of ki energy causes magma in the ground to expand and explode."

The exhibit also went into detail about the Super Sayian 2 transformation, confirming that Vegeta had reached that level even before he got a power boost from aligning himself with Babidi.

With the planet gone, Goku teleported himself and the survivors to the Sacred World of the Kais. After seeing Buu regenerate himself following the Earth's explosion, the heroes watched in horror as he jumped from planet to planet destroying them in a single blast. It wasn't until he reached Other World that Goku and Vegeta finally decided to draw him to the Kais' planet, leading to a final showdown that would see Goku destroy Buu completely via a Spirit Bomb.


While Kid Buu would eventually be reincarnated as Uub, the reformed Majin Buu would live on as a friend of Hercule. Since the start of Dragon Ball Super Buu has popped up multiple times, starting with a scene in Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods where he refused to give Beerus any of his pudding desert and caused the God of Destruction to nearly destroy the planet.

The only other time in Dragon Ball lore where the planet was destroyed was in Dragon Ball GT when Baby's wish on the Black Star Dragon Balls caused the planet to explode.