Pokemon Mash-Up Creates Eevee's Perfect Infinity Stone Evolution

Pokemon fans all have a favorite creature, but some pocket monsters are universally loved. When it comes to Eevee, the Generation One star has become a go-to catch for millions of fans, and its sweet demeanor is well known. However, it seems one type of Eevee may not be so nice…

After all, a recent Pokemon mash-up figured out Eevee’s perfect Infinity Stone evolution, and it has fans eyeing Thanos nervously.

Over on Reddit, a fan known as Houndoom_Kaboom posted their take on Eevee. The netizen used an online Pokemon maker to crossover Eevee with Arceus, and they ended up with an intriguing result.

Eevee x Arecus 🤗 from r/pokemon

As you can see above, the Pokemon mash-up gives Eevee a silvery coat like Arceus with gold highlights on its paws. The cute look would suit a Ghost-type take on Eevee, but what sells this crossover is its jewels. The mash-up gives Eevee a set of seven jewels which surround its head while an eighth sits at the center of its forehead.

For fans, this godly look was quickly tied to the Infinity Stones from the Marvel Universe. The MCU has brought the jewels into headlines thanks to Thanos and his mission to collect the stones into a gauntlet. Now, fans are thinking this conceptual Eevee embodies that gauntlet, and Arceus’ power is only adding to the argument.

After all, the alpha Pokemon is a rare one and thought to be the oldest and most powerful creature in its universe. It is said that Arceus is known as the Original One and likely created the entire Pokemon Universe. With the ability to stop time, travel dimensions, and create anything, Arceus is not a Pokemon to mess with. So, it is little surprise its crossover with an Eevee would give the resulting Pokemon some Infinity Stone-approved powers.


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