DC Comics Reveals Special Justice League Art Collaboration with Lupin the Third Creator

Lupin the Third creator Monkey Punch unfortunately passed earlier this year, but before his tragic passing, he was working on a special art collaboration with DC Comics. After special illustrations for both Shazam! and Aquaman were revealed as part of this team-up, now the full promotional campaign has been revealed illustrations of the full Justice League roster produced by the late creator.

Fans in Japan will be able to enter a special lottery when they buy certain DC Comics home video releases, and each of the giveaways features Monkey Punch's takes on heroes like Batman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash and Green Arrow along with the previously revealed Shazam! and Aquaman.

Warner Bros. Japan first announced this special collaboration a few weeks back, but details on it were being kept under wraps. Starting July 3rd, fans in Japan who purchase or rent select DC Comics films will be entered into a lottery to win special clear files, hoodies, water bottles, tote bags, and other special merchandise bearing this art of the DC Heroes. Certain characters like Shazam!, Aquaman, Batman, and Supergirl will be available individually through stickers, it seems, but it's all on a first come, first served basis.


For those unfamiliar with Lupin the Third, the series was originally created by Monkey Punch. The story follows the adventures of Arsene Lupin, a master thief from Maurice Leblanc's series of novels. First appearing in Weekly Manga Action in 1967, the series has since spawned multiple manga series, six anime series, six OVAs, two live-action film, 25 TV specials, two musicals, music and drama CDs.

The series will soon be joining Adult Swim's programming block on June 15th with Lupin the Third Part 5, so fans will have a whole new entry point to enjoy the series. It's officially described as such, "Lupin’s current target: a key to a certain server facility. Once obtained, the information of all the customers and their funds from the world’s largest online bank will be in Lupin’s hands. There, they find the developer of the security system of the bank: Ami. Lupin and Jigen successfully capture Ami and bring her to their hideout. However, almost immediately upon their arrival, Zenigata and his men surround the place. Being at a loss as to why their location was exposed so easily, they discover an online show going viral. The show’s name: "Arrest Lupin III."