Dragon Ball Artist Imagines Hilarious Aladdin Crossover

The Dragon Ball franchise and Disney's Aladdin share quite a lot in common. Not only do they bother involve magical universes centered around a mystical wish granting item, they actually share a major voice actor. Shin-ichiro Miki voices the Dragon Ball Super villain Zamasu, and is also one of the voices of Aladdin in the Japanese dub of Disney's animated Aladdin film.

One Dragon Ball artist poked fun at this hilarious coincidence and imagined a world in which Zamasu and Goku Black stumbled on the wish granting magic lamp. Check out the adorable sketch below!

dragongarowLEE, the artist behind Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha!, often shares great sketches celebrating the series such as one imagining Vegeta's adorable family life, and one reminding fans of the non-canon Tien and Yamcha fusion, Tiencha. But this latest sketch goes one step further and imagines a pretty confused Goku Black going along with Zamasu as he says, "Apparently this lamp will grant me three wishes!"

But for those worried that this could mean that Zamasu gets even more wish shenanigans to wreak havoc with, dragongarowLEE shared a follow up sketch imagining much more hilarious resident inside the lamp:

The finale of the Future Trunks arc may not have been as strong as when it started, but Zamasu is one of the most favorite villains in the entire franchise. Not only did he stand out for his notable Goku Black persona (which finally had Goku facing off against an even version of himself), but Zamasu was the only villain fans saw eventually falling to darkness through an initially noble idea.


His elitism helped him stand out over previous villains in the franchise, and he's one of the villains Goku and Vegeta could not defeat. So seeing this big duo again in any fashion is great, but hopefully they won't be getting any more wishes any time soon.

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