Catch a Nap on this Comfy Snorlax Bean Bag Chain, Poke Ball Footrest

Pokemon has released some quality merchandise over the years, and it seems the brand is only upping its game in 2019. It looks like the brand is celebrating its big year with some all-new goodies, and one of them will make all your Snorlax dreams come true.

After all, one Japanese company has made a giant Snorlax bean bag chair, and it will help you catch ‘em all. All the Zzz’s, that is.

Recently, Sora News 24 shared a post from Japan which announced the bean bag’s reveal. The company Takamine has confirmed it will be making Snorlax bean bag chairs which can be paired with an adorable Poke Ball footrest.

snorlax bean bag chair pokemon
(Photo: Takamine)

As you can see above, the Snorlax bean bag chair is pretty dang adorable. The back of the chair has the face of Snorlax, and its corners are tipped into ears. The bag has the rest of Snorlax’s blue-and-tan color scheme, so it is hard to deny how adorable it is.

As the Poke Ball footrest, it is pretty much what you would expect. The little fabric ball is filled with fluff to keep feet propped up, and it bares the colors of a regular Poke Ball.

According to Takamine, the Snorlax bean bag chair measure at 15 inches tall and is built for adults.

“The chair’s stuffing is pillow-soft, making each sitting session feel like a marshmallow hug from Snorlax himself. At the same time, though, it’s been designed so as to provide plenty of support for your back and legs, and the manufacturer promises ample stability, something that’s often lacking in less-structured bean bag chairs,” the company described the chair online.

When it comes to cost, both of the items are fairly affordable. Both can be yours for just under $325 before shipping or tax. The bean bag chair itself will take up about $230 of that cost, and the Poke Ball ottoman will be sold separately for fans who are on more of a budget.


So, would you be willing to splurge on this Pokemon furniture set? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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