Pokemon's Official Lapras Mascot Is Too Adorable

Pokemon has all sorts of mascots under its belt, and few can dare dream of becoming cuter than Pikachu. After all, the Electric-type is downright adorable even in the worst of circumstances, but it seems the mascot is ready to accept a new challenger.

You know, since Lapras has a mascot suit now that is almost disgustingly cute.

Over on Twitter, a video has gone viral from Japan showing how adorable Lapras is. As you can see below, the clip shows a life-sized Lapras being escorted into a store by security, and fans are in love with the creature’s appearance.

Taking small steps forward, the mascot suit seems to have a petite actor standing up and walking the Pokemon forward. The Laprase suit gives the pocket monster a chibi makeover and a light blue color scheme, but that is not all. As you can see, the mascot has a blue-and-white striped ribbon tied around its neck which netizens think is absolutely adorable.

This adorable mascot has caught the Internet on fire with adorable compliments, and it is just one of many Pokemon has debuted. Of course, Pikachu began the trend with some adorable suits, but other creatures like Eevee have joined the roster. Other Pokemon like Geodude have also gotten their own mascot, so it is only a matter of time before the original 151 Pokemon all have suits such as this!


Well, maybe except for Porygon. The Pokemon may be a favorite with fans, but it has accrued a rough reputation with The Pokemon Company ever since its ill-fated anime debuted went live in October 1997. Porygon famously debuted in an anime episode which prompted more than 680 seizures in Japan due to the animation's bright flashing colors. Ever since, Porygon has been kept out of the anime along with all its variant evolutions, so it is hard to imagine a mascot being made for the character. But thanks to a recent anime trailer, it seems The Pokemon Company might be ready to forgive the Pokemon at last.

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