Cristina Vee Reveals Her Favorite Part Of Voicing Lupin the Third's Fujiko

LUPIN THE 3rd remains a classic anime series with fans, and the franchise has plans to expand well past 2020. This year saw the release of LUPIN THE IIIRD Fujiko's Lie, a new film which follows one of Lupin’s comrades on her most challenging mission yet. Now, the English voice actress behind the heroine is speaking up about the film, and it turns out playing Fujiko is as fun as you’d think.

Recently, got the chance to speak with Cristina Vee, the voice of Fujiko, at Anime Expo 2019. It was there the actress stressed how much she has enjoyed her time with the LUPIN THE 3rd series.

“It's pretty crazy, because I'm not only Fujiko in the movies, but I'm also Ami [in LUPIN THE 3rd: PART 5]. In another movie I play a character named Misa, who's like the main guest character for that one, so I've gotten to know the series in all different kind of perspectives and directions, and it's a pretty cool and unique experience,” Vee said.

As for what it is about Fujiko that draws in her interest, Vee says it is Fujiko’s complex morals which keep her reeled in.

“She's so complicated. You want so much to believe that she's like a heroine, a good person who just wants to help, but she's more complicated than that,” the actress explained.

“She's not bad, either. I think she has this self-serving quality that you really don't see in other female heroes. For me, it was very surprising to see this kind of character who is not only sexy, but powerful and bada--. But you're not really quite sure where she falls on the moral specter, like if she's good or bad. She's somewhere definitely in the gray area, but you still never really know what to think about her, even after this movie, especially after this movie, you're just thrown kind of for a loop.”

While Fujiko’s story in this latest film is a doozy to break down, Vee believes it services the heroine well. She also said her fellow voice actress Michelle Ruff, who voices Fujiko in the dubbed Lupin TV series, is also a constant source of inspiration for her own work.

“I feel really lucky that I get to share such an amazing role with her,” Vee gushed.


So far, there are no set plans for when LUPIN THE IIIRD: Fujiko's Lie will screen its English dub nationwide, but fans got a peek at the project at Anime Expo this month. Now, it is only a matter of time before anime die-hards can take in the story for themselves, and there is no doubt Vee will bring her usual charm to everyone's favorite Lupin vixen as usual.

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