Pokemon Honors Confused Psyduck With Adorable Clothing Line

Perhaps there is no Pokemon cuter, or more infuriating, than the perpetually confused psychic Pokemon, Psyduck. Appearing frequently in the anime series as more of a hindrance to Ash, Misty and Brock than a helper, the bewildered pocket monster was so popular that he even became one of the most used Pokemon in the Detective Pikachu feature film behind the titular creature, voiced by Ryan Reynolds. In honor of this hare brained duck, Pokeman has officially released a collection of clothing and merchandise dubbed the "Bewildered Collection" featuring everyone's favorite confused fowl.

Pokemon shared the news on their official Twitter Account that the lovable duck Pokemon will be getting his own fashion line and merchandise that will be available under the hilariously named "Bewildered Collection":

Psyduck, as mentioned earlier, has a long history with the Pokemon franchise, appearing extremely early on in the anime series. While, of course, he was a first generation Pokemon appearing in the Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue Gameboy games from Nintendo, he also made his first appearance in the 27th episode of the anime titled "Hypno's Naptime". Misty, during the episode, accidentally captures Psyduck, unfortunately linking the two in their new roles of trainer and Pokemon.

(Photo: Warner Brothers Pictures)

The line of the Bewildered Collection includes a number of different items that are plastered with the small, yellow goon. T-Shirts, Buttoned down shirts, backpacks, pins, figurines, plushies, playmats, and water bottles are all stamped with Psyduck in all his bizarre glory. Whatever you're looking for in terms of merchandise with this yellow simpleton, you'll find it under this new Pokemon collection.


Psyduck also recently appeared in the feature length film, and currently highest grossing video game adaptation of all time, Detective Pikachu. Produced by Warner Bros Pictures, Detective Pikachu featured an English speaking Pikachu who fancied itself a gumshoe as it teamed up with the young Tim Goodman, attempting to discover what happened to the teenager's dad. Psyduck acted as the number one Pokemon of Lucy who attempted to aid both Tim and DP on their journey and investigate just what was going on in Ryme City.

What do you think of the Bewildered Collection featuring the Pokemon, Psyduck? What other Pokemon would you like to see featured in a similar collection? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Pokemon!