Canned Pokemon Designs Showcases Cyndaquil's First Pick

One of the biggest pocket monsters to appear in the second generation of Pokemon was the too hot to touch spitfire that was Cyndaquil. First making its appearance in the video games Pokemon: Silver and Pokemon: Gold for the Nintendo Gameboy Color, the tiny, flame shooting creature was one of the three "starter Pokemon" that trainers could choose from in these latest adventures. Originally however, Cyndaquil and his evolutions were going to look FAR different from what we got, as one Poke-fan managed to find some of the original designs for the starter.

Twitter User DrLavaYT shared these original designs for the second generation Pokemon, clearly showing a more feline/bear like creature who took on the name of Honooguma, along with its evolutonary forms in Borubeaa and Dainabea:

Cyndaquil wasn't just one of the three starters in the second generation of Pokemon, acting as the spiritual successor to Charizard, but it also had a significant role to play in the anime franchise. The fire backed monster found himself becoming one of the special few that managed to be added to the roster of Ash Ketchum's Pokemon stable during his adventures to become the best trainer in the world. In the 141st episode of the Pokemon anime, Ash caught his own Cyndaquil in the episode, "Good 'Quil Hunting".

Pokemon Cut Mon
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Cyndaquil burst onto the scene as Ash ventured into the Johto region to be introduced to the vast variety of new Pokemon in the second generation. Though Cyndaquil was extremely helpful to Ash on his journey, he decided to give the fire based creature a breather by leaving it with Professor Oak as Ketchum would then venture into the Hoenn region. While this may not necessarily make Ash the best trainer when it comes to becoming the "strongest", it does show just how much he cares for his pocket monsters as he travels the world and battles against Team Rocket, day in and day out.


Cyndaquil was also featured in the trailer for the upcoming new Pokemon anime series, which may or may not be a reboot, releasing this fall.

Want to know more about Pokemon's upcoming anime venture? You can read its tentative teaser here: "The new "Pocket Monsters" series that was announced today will of course be set in the Galar region from the video games "Pocket Monsters Sword/Shield", which will be released November 15th, but also in all the other regions that have appeared in the video games so far, including the Kanto region from the original "Red/Green" games and the Johto region from the sequels "Gold/Silver"."