FunimationNow Adds New Fairy Tail, Tokyo Ghoul, and Free! Films

Funimation is home to some of anime's biggest titles, and fans can check them out whenever they please online. The company's streaming service is a favorite with U.S. fans, and it turns out some new films have hit FunimationNow to get fans through the fall. And yes, the boys of Iwatobi Swim Club appear in several of the new additions.

Recently, Funimation confirmed a series of new animated and live-action films were ready to hit up the catalog. "From wizards and fire-belching dragons to pulse-pounding swim competitions to ghouls that crave human flesh, we’re launching five new titles that’ll jumpstart your anime appetite," the company said in a new statement, and the brand wasn't kidding.

After all, FunimationNow has added everything from Fairy Tail to Tokyo Ghoul to its streaming service, so fans better check out the titles while they last.

To start, the site is now streaming Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, the latest film to enter the anime's universe. The movie follows Natsu's guild as they are tasked with retrieving an old artifact called the Dragon Cry, but the team hits a snag when they discover a dark power on the thief's hideaway island.

FunimationNow is also streaming Tokyo Ghoul, the first live-action adaptation of the Sui Ishida manga. The film introduces Ken Kaneki to the real world, and its addition comes just after the U.S. premiere of Tokyo Ghoul S.

Finally, the last films added to FunimationNow all fall under the Free! franchise. Both High Speed: Free! Starting Days and Free! Timeless Medley: The Bond have been added to the website. Fans can also check out Free! Timeless Medley: The Promise which focuses in on Rin and Sosuke.


For Funimation, these additions will bring a wide variety of fans to its streaming service, but fans should check them out soon. In the past, FunimationNow has offered special films to subscribers for an exclusive time. To start, the service screened Shin Godzilla as well as several Dragon Ball films months ago, but the offerings were taken down to make room for these new additions. So if Funimation needs ideas for which films to add next, it should go without saying that One Piece Film: Z would be hugely appreciated!

So, will you be checking out any of these new additions? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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