This Adorable Dragon Ball Birthday Honors Mr. Satan Perfectly

Dragon Ball fans will go to just about any measure if it means hyping the series. The franchise is one of anime's definitive classics, and its success continues today thanks to its latest series. Of course, Dragon Ball has accumulated a multi-generational fanbase all because of its long life, and one family proved that fact with one very perfect birthday party.

Over on Reddit, fans got a peek at one family's birthday party, and it puts two Dragon Ball favorites to good use. Mr. Satan and Videl were drafted to help celebrate one get-together, and they did so sweetly.

As you can see below, the viral post in question sees an older man holding a young girl during a birthday party. The man has a clear resemblance to Mr. Satan thanks to his mutton chops and wild hair. The girl, on the other hand, could pass for a young Videl thanks to her dark hair. Both of them are wearing Dragon Ball outfits for their big day, and the pair celebrated their birthday with a clever cake.

Real life to cake art perfection. from r/dbz

The sheet cake features an iced drawing of both Videl and Mr. Satan. The father-daughter pair are hugging in the sketch, and they look as cute as they do tasty. Beside each character rests some candles celebrating the family birthday, and it turns out the older man is turning 55 while the little girl turns one.

There is no telling if the fans are father-daughter, but they fit the profile for both characters. Now, fans want to know if the family kept up the Dragon Ball theme for their future birthdays and whether the little girl has found her own Gohan yet.


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