Assassination Classroom Fan-Film Brings Famous Fight Sequence to Life

While the anime Assassination Classroom has wrapped up the story of Koro Sensei and the students that are both looking to learn from him, and eliminate him, some fans are still revisiting the strange anime franchise that gave us one of the most bizarre premises for a storyline to date. When a large alien organism blows up the moon and issues a challenge to humanity to put an end to himself before he destroys them, some fans have masterfully created one of the biggest fights that took place between Koro's students, Nagisa and Karma.

Karma and Tagisa were two of the students that seemed to have the best chance to take out their teacher, who was threatening the world with destruction. After Koro went into detail about his origins and just what his body would do to the world, regardless of whether he was alive or not, the classroom he taught was divided. While a number of students wanted to hold the course and continue their quest to kill Koro-Sensei in an attempt to save the world, the other half of the student assassins wanted to find a way to save their teacher and stop him from destroying the world.

What causes Karma and Tagisa to fight is their inability to come to a consensus on what should be done about Koro-sensei, with the class agreeing that should the two have a duel, they will follow the ideology of the winner. As the two assassins battle one another, Tagisa comes out on top and the class decides that they should put their effort toward not only saving the world, but saving their teacher.

Koro-Sensei was such an interesting anti-hero when it comes to anime, clearly putting the world at risk but acting as the perfect teacher to his room full of students. With his attempts at getting his class to be the ones to bring him down, Koro supplied them with a number of weapons that would manage to kill the smiling, tentacled creature. Unfortunately, despite the class uniting in a mission to save their sensei, Koro was eventually killed, allowing his students to graduate from the class while also learning far more about themselves than they ever thought possible.


Re:Anime is a Youtube channel that has been recreating some of the biggest fights from anime, taking a look into such battles from Batman Beyond, Avatar The Last Airbender, and One-Punch Man to name a few.

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