Naruto Cosplay Shows Off Karin's Uzumaki Roots

Naruto has more ninja running around than you can keep track of. In the Leaf Village alone, there are hundreds of fighters, and dozens of them have stepped into the spotlight. Still, there are those who lead in the anime, and Sasuke has remained up there. Of course, his friends have also been thrust into the limelight, and one fan decided to give their take on one of Sasuke's best allies.

Over on Instagram, a fan known as princessstarscream shared their cosplay with fans. The Naruto cosplayer chose to give Karin a test run, and the gorgeous cosplay brings Orochimaru's lackey to life with colorful ease.

"October 10th is Naruto's Birthday so I’m posting more Karin. She’s my favorite character in the series next to Sasuke! She’s related to Naruto and I wish her and Naruto interacted in the series," the cosplayer wrote.

For those who do not know, Karin and Naruto did not get much time to interact. The heroine was folded into the Leaf Village rather unwillingly once Sasuke came to terms with his past. It didn't take long before fans learned Karin was a distant relative of Naruto given their shared Uzumaki blood. So you can understand why fans were sad when Naruto and Karin didn't chat more often.

Looking at this cosplay, you can see some serious similarities between Karin and Kushina, Naruto's mom. They have the same shade of red hair, and the long locks go with their fiery personality. The rest of her outfit might be more revealing than what Kushina wore, but Karin is living her best life. And if the girl is unable to make Sasuke fall in love with her, well - she can always give Suigetsu another chance.


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