Cool Bleach Cosplay Recreates Ichigo's Thousand-Year Blood War Look

Tite Kubo's Bleach might have one of the most controversial endings in all action anime and manga as its truncated ending seemed to cut the story short in the original series (and it really did so in the anime), but as the series approaches its 20th Anniversary, fans are still patiently waiting to this day to somehow get the anime back to adapt the missing final saga of the series, Thousand-Year Blood War. This long arc not only brought the series to an end, but featuring tons of new power-ups, looks, and moments for the characters that fans never got to see animated.

Standing at the top of the list of characters want to see in action again someday is Ichigo Kurosaki, who showed off a brand new look heading into this final arc after training at the Soul King's Palace and consolidating the many powers and new abilities he acquired over the series' run. It might have seemed overwhelming as the series went on, but this final form for Ichigo helped to bring all of it together.

But while fans might never get to see this final Ichigo brought to life in the anime, fans have taken it upon themselves to pay tribute to this awesome look with cosplay. Artist @black_sun_cosplay (which you can find on Instagram here) brought to life in such a fierce way that it makes up for the fact that Ichigo's anime adventures are over. Check it out below:

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Tite Kubo was planning to celebrate Bleach's anniversary along with revealing new information for his next project at AnimeJapan 2020, but unfortunately, the event itself has been canceled due to Coronavirus outbreak concerns. There is no information as to whether or not we'll still see this information in the future, but sadly Bleach fans have become accustomed to the franchise being cut off at the knees before it really gets running.

Would you check out a new version of Bleach if the anime ever came back? Would you want it to pick up where the original left off or try again from the beginning? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!

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