My Hero Academia Shares Adorable Gentle, La Brava Scene

My Hero Academia's Cultural Festival arc is much different than the Shie Hassaikai arc that had come before in the fourth season, and thus has introduced fans to a much different duo of villains in Gentle Criminal and La Brava. While they did target U.A. Academy's Cultural Festival for some reason, that end goal surprisingly became less important as we began to learn more about what brought the two villains to this point. Gentle Criminal himself has been put through the ringer as the hero world chewed him up and spit him out.

As we learned in Episode 85 of the series, it was the same case for La Brava too. In a previous episode we learned that she was a super fan of Gentle's and sought him out in order to help him reach his dream, but a flashback to her past revealed a dark and troubled origin story in which she fought off suicidal thoughts with Gentle's help.

Through La Brava's origin story we see how the two of them found comfort in one another as they were both rejected by society in very much the same ways. In fact, one adorable scene made them closer than ever as Gentle gave La Brava her code name while darkening circles around his eyes to make La Brava feel less self-conscious about the ones that sprung up during her bout of depression.

The latest episode also brought the fight between Deku and Gentle Criminal to an end, but surprisingly, Gentle seemed like the more heroic one this time around. While Deku certainly was in the right to stop the villain before he made his way to U.A. Academy, Gentle and La Brava's background painted them in a much more tragic light considering all that they have been through that might have forced them to this point.


As Deku became more manic in his intent to stop the villain, Gentle actually took a step back and separated Deku from he and La Brava in order to make it look like no fight had taken place at all. In order to keep La Brava from getting a harsh punishment like he will, Gentle gave up his dream to further cement how much he cared for La Brava's future.

Did this Gentle and La Brava scene take you by surprise? How do you feel about the villains now that you've seen into their backstory? How do you feel about My Hero Academia's Cultural Festival arc overall now that it's nearly over? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!

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