Castlevania Gets Bloody With Perfect Carmilla Cosplay

The third season of Castlevania gave the vampire Carmilla a world that is hers for the taking, and one cosplayer has decided to honor the antagonist with a spot-on cosplay that displays her menace. Though Carmilla appeared in the previous season as one of Dracula's underlings, she is joined in this world that is lacking the vampire king by her sisters that are looking to put forward a brand new plan for their own version of the world. By attempting to funnel humanity into one location to be used as cattle, Carmilla and her kin are sharpening their fangs as we speak!

Carmilla had an ace up her sleeve this season, though her presence certainly isn't as big in this latest story arc as more camera time is given to her sisters as well as the captured Hector. Hector, of course, is a devil forger that has the ability to resurrect the dead and transform them into demons. Perhaps there is no other character who is trampled on more in the series than Hector, and Carmilla and her sisters certainly are putting the indentured servant to good use, though we'll most likely see the ultimate fruits of their effort take the main stage in a potential fourth season.

Instagram Cosplayer OneOddHuman shared this amazing cosplay that shows just how one of the top vampires of the Castlevania world can be brought to life via some amazing creativity and just the right amount of materials that can dive into the world of Dracula and the Belmont Clan:


Carmilla had a long history in the video game series to boot, first appearing the Nintendo Entertainment System with Castlevania 2, making future appearances in games such as Castlevania Judgement, Castlevania Rondo of Blood, and Castlevania Circle of the Moon to name a few. Being one of the biggest vampires in the franchise has certainly earned her place for the time being and we look forward to seeing her impact on the Netflix series moving forward!

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