Pokemon to Release High-End Magikarp Jewelry

There are many strange Pokemon in the long running popular franchise, but perhaps none are weirder, or weaker, than Magikarp, and the flopping fish looks to be getting some brand new jewelry modeled after it! Appearing as one of the first pocket monsters in Generation One in the video games that arrived on the Nintendo Gameboy, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, the mostly useless creature has a unique secret in that its evolutionary form makes it one of the strongest Pokemon in the world! This new jewelry line certainly captures the spirit of the confused sea dweller in this high end accessory!

The jewelry itself, created by the jewelry designers at U-TREASURE, will come in both silver and gold editions, with the latter being far more expensive than the former. The silver necklace will retail for around $115 USD each while the gold necklace will be sold for around $1115 USD each! If you're a giant Pokemon fan and want this bizarre fish wrapped around your neck in style, you could certainly do worse than these necklaces!

U-Treasure has a ton of different pocket monster creations on their site, and you can put in an order for this latest necklace on their site right now if you want to have the weakest Pokemon ever hanging around your neck:

(Photo: U-Treasure)

Magikarp hasn't had a big role to play in the latest season of Pokemon, with more powerful pocket monsters being routinely featured following Ash Ketchum's victory lap after his Alola League Tournament win. Magikarp's higher form of Gyrados is certainly one of the scarier looking creatues in the world of Pokemon trainers, unleashing a variety of powerful moves that make it one of the biggest sea faring creatures in Ash Ketchum's universe.

The uselessness of Magikarp cannot possible be overstated, as the flopping Pokemon doesn't have the ability to attack per se, but can only flop on dry land. Even in the water, the pocket monster simply can't figure out how to operate, let alone participate effectively in a Pokemon battle. With many different anime series entering the world of jewelry, it's no surprise to see Pokemon having a number of different items of their own, but a Magikarp necklace is certainly a strange sight to behold!


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