Naruto Shippuden Cosplay Shares Kushina's Softer Side

11/12/2020 04:54 pm EST

Naruto Shippuden has solidified its reputation as one of the most popular series to come from Japan. The franchise continues to wow netizens around the world years after its end, and sequels like Boruto are keeping its legacy afloat. With so many fans on its side, it is easy to see what the fandom is constantly busy, and one fan decided to honor an important Hidden Leaf ninja with a gorgeous cosplay.

The piece comes courtesy from alexy_sky_ over on Instagram. It was there the well-known cosplayer shared their take on Kushina Uzumaki, and Naruto fans are blown away at how gorgeous their version is.

"I had more problems doing this Kushina hairstyle than Ino hairstyle (20 minutes very angry hahaha)," the fan shared.

As you can see, Alexy created a simple look for Kushina that shines in its details. A long red wig mimics the heroine's hair from the anime. And while it might have been hard to style, Alexy's wig looks pretty much perfect when compared to the TV show.

The hair is paired with a headband, and a pair of fashion contacts bring Kushina's blue eyes to life. The rest of the outfit features a standard issue flak jacket with black undershirt. The look completes itself with blue wristbands, and we are sure Minato would wholeheartedly approve of this look. And if you want to see Alexy's other Naruto looks, you can check them out on Instagram here!

What do you think of this Naruto cosplay? Which other characters should alexy_sky_ tackle next? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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