Naruto Reveals How Asuma and Kurenai's Daughter Takes After Them

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is in a funny place right now story-wise. Taking time off from following the adventures of Boruto, or his father Naruto, current hokage of Konoha, the series is taking a bit of a diversion. Kakashi and Guy Sensei are older fan favorite characters simply looking for a hot spring vacation. They are joined by Mirai, a Konoha ninja acting as their bodyguard, who happens to be the daughter of two older ninjas, Asuma and Kurenai. Unbeknown to her, she may have more in common with her folks than she realizes.

As the three unlikely ninjas attempt to find some rest and relaxation, they tend to run into anything but with their latest adventure finding them neck deep in villagers worshipping a Cat God and a Dog God respectively. Surprisingly enough, the Dog God faction is lead by another Naruto favorite, Kiba, who has become at odds with his girlfriend, Tamaki, who is leading the Cat God faction. With the two sides ready for war, Mirai is forced to tap into her abilities which are something of a combination of her parents'.

As the two sides gather in the town square, Mirai figures that the only way to stop them from going to war over which God is the "right God" is to create a God of her own. Using a combination of her fire abilities and her genjutsu, a tried and true hypnotic technique in the series, Mirai creates "Nenu, The Flaming God Of Destruction" to attempt to calm the citizens down.


(Photo: Viz Media)

The Flaming Cat God, created from a combination of Mirai's flames and genjutsu, tries to talk down the villagers, telling them that the village had been protected by both the cat and dog gods. "Nenu" also threatened the villagers by saying that should they not stop their petty transgressions, then the village itself will be burned to the ground.

Humorously, Mirai's plan takes a turn for the worse as Guy, still bound to his wheelchair, dives toward the false God and destroys it by launching himself through it. Guy himself is comically jammed into a nearby wall and lit on fire, but luckily, Nenu's job is complete and the townsfolk find peace.


Boruto has always done a great job of introducing characters that tend to flip the old series on its head, with Mirai being no exception. Though her father may had arguably the most tragic death in the series, she manages to live up to his name by acting as a worthy ninja of Konoha.

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