Dragon Ball Super Finally Confirms Beerus' Role In Freeza's Destruction of The Saiyans

Dragon Ball Super has finally confirmed Lord Beerus's role in Freeza's destruction of the Saiyan Race! The long-awaited moment arrives with Dragon Ball Super chapter 69, and the new arc "Granola The Survivor". Goku and Vegeta have been back at Lord Beerus's realm, to pursue the next steps in their respective training. Goku is now chasing the higher levels of the angelic Ultra Instinct, but Vegeta is learning the God of Destruction techniques from Beerus. Well, Beerus proves to be a pretty brutal sensei, as he both physically thrashes Vegeta and mind-screws with the Saiyan destruction reveal, as just the first step in mastering the Destroyer technique.

Warning Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 SPOILERS Follow!

As Dragon Ball Super previews leaked, Beerus takes Vegeta out for training and begins by throwing a little philosophy at him. Beerus asks Vegeta how many planets Saiyans have destroyed; and what was the root cause of those "sins" as Vegeta puts them. Vegeta waxes philosophical about how it wasn't just Freeza but his father King Vegeta's thirst for power that sewed the Saiyan race's destruction long before Freeza took over. Vegeta's speech is a deep rumination on Saiyan history its Karma, but all it does is inspire laughter and contempt from Beerus.

Beerus thrashes Vegeta in a show of power after laughing in his face - all to make a point: Vegeta's entire guilt-ridden view of his own arc and that of Saiyans is all just bull crap. To prove it, Beerus lays some hard facts on Vegeta:

"Here's a fun fact," Beerus tells Vegeta. "The one who suggested that Freeza eliminate the Saiyans was me... Still think it was destiny? You're just gonna accept that? Go on. Try me."

Sure enough, Beerus revealing he was the mastermind behind Planet Vegeta's destruction succeeds in proving Vegeta to go all out to beat the God of Destruction down, in the name of Saiyan Pride. Of course, the anger doesn't matter: Beerus beats Vegeta just as easily, and delivers a near-fatal Destruction hit for good measure. Therein lies the first lesson in Beerus training on how to become a God of Destruction:

"Everything those Saiyans did in the past... What's it got to do with you know?" Beerus asks Vegeta. "As Long as you're trapped by the past you'll never manage to grow past this point."

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Later in the "lesson", Beerus adds: "Listen if you really want this power, you're gonna have to destroy any stray thoughts and recreate yourself from scratch. Before creation comes destruction. Get it."

This zen-like teacher side to Beerus is definitely not how Dragon Ball fans saw this key canon reveal would play out - but it's intriguing. It doesn't feel like Goku and Vegeta will spark a new rivalry with Beerus (at least not yet), but it's definitely going to make things awkward.

Then again, many fans still believe settling the grudge between Beerus and the Saiyans will be Dragon Ball Super's final story to tell - and this reveal makes that a much more credible theory...


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