Dyspo Is Faster Than A God Of Destruction

In episode 104 of Dragon Ball Super fans watched as the struggling Universe 11 tried to make an impact. Prior to this episode Universe 11 had already lost 6 fighters and had no KO’s to their name. This resulted in one of their remaining warriors and fastest fighter challenging Universe 6’s ace fighter in Hit.

From the moment the battle took place fans soon discovered that Dyspo was a lot more threatening than they first imagined. The Universe 11 warrior who looks quite similar to Beerus and Champa was fast, very fast in fact. Using his super sonic hearing and his incredible speed, Dyspo was able to counter Hit’s Time Skip technique. As surprising as that was, it further surprised fans further when they discovered that Dyspo was faster than even the gods.

As Dyspo began to overwhelm Hit, fans later discovered that Hit wasn’t only the Universe 6 warrior who was having trouble keeping up with the flashy Pride Trooper. In fact, Universe 6’s God of Destruction in Champa was also having a tough time. Champa himself couldn’t see Dyspo’s movements, which indicates that he could be faster than a God of Destruction, however, fans must also remember that Champa had not powered up at this point.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

Although, even Universe 6’s Angel in Vados commented on Dyspo’s speed, saying that she “managed “ to keep up. This indicates that yes, Vados was able to keep up with Dyspo, however, it was not necessarily easy for her. Dyspo has surpassed both the speed of sound and light, with even the god of all gods having trouble keeping up as well.

Both Zeno’s were unable to see Dyspo’s attacks and needed to watch the fight in slow motion on the God Pad. Dyspo can increase his speed by thousands of times in an instant, with his pace rivaling and surpassing the gods, although; that didn’t stop Hit from being victorious.

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