Earthbound Comes to Life in This Stunning Fan-Anime

Over the years, fans have asked Nintendo again and again about possible anime adaptations. From The Legend of Zelda and beyond, gamers would love to see some of the brand's beloved franchises turned into an anime. If games like Dragon Quest can make the jump, there is no reason others cannot. And thanks to one fan, their take on an EarthBound anime proves such an adaptation would be a joy to watch.

Over on Twitter, the user wata_lemon03 surprised fans with a little reel they have been working on. The artist, who has done EarthBound fan-shorts in the past, decided it was time to focus on other characters. After all, Ness was the star of the first anime, and it is time for Ninten to step into the light.

The short, which can be found below, shows the boy walking through a cave with a lantern in hand. The quiet video shows the boy answering a riddle before being transported to a world filled with magic. The gorgeous clip follows EarthBound Beginnings perfectly as Ninten explores the world around him.

As you can see, the city of Magicant is gorgeously rendered in this anime, and Ninten is seven shades of cute. The boy is struck by the magical world around him, and the clip ends with him undertaking a mission of sorts. In the EarthBound game, Ninten and his friends are tasked with recovering all Eight Melodies scattered around this strange world. It is then the group cures Queen Mary of their amnesia, but a final plot twist pops up that still leaves fans stunned. And if it were turned into an anime, you can only imagine the kind of feels it would well up within audiences!

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