Get Your Tickets Today For Crunchyroll's First Anime Movie Night

Anime fans get ready to go to the theater, because streaming service Crunchyroll has announced that tickets are now available for the first ever "Anime Movie Night". The exciting new event will be taking place in more that 200 theaters around the United States, and will be an awesome opportunity to gather with your fellow otakus.

The first event will take place on April 26, and the first of the Anime Movie Night series will feature a double feature. Crunchyroll announced that the first anime on the event line up, will be Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, and the screening will be two feature-length films that "consolidate content" from the popular series. The films are titled, Light That Gathers and Life That Burns, and will include additional scenes and new footage. Anime Movie Night will also feature special intros to both of the films.

Kun Gao, the General Manager of Crunchyroll is excited about the future of Anime Movie Nights, stating:

"Crunchyroll is always looking for ways to take anime to new heights and to better serve its passionate community. With Anime Movie Night, Crunchyroll can now take anime out of the living room and onto the big screen to reach more viewers with a heightened experience. What's more, the theatrical release of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress gives fans an opportunity to come together to celebrate a favorite title at theaters across the country,"

This event is possible through Crunchyroll's alliance with Screenvision Media and KAOS Connect. Managing partners of KAOS connect, Dan Diamond and Shelly are excited for the upcoming event series. They commented,

"Event Cinema is all about connecting passionate fans to their favorite content through high-quality viewing experiences. Together with Crunchyroll we can optimize the exclusive theatrical event to provide the most compelling anime experience for loyal fans and newcomers alike".

April 26th event will kick off the first of the quarterly Anime Movie Night events to come throughout the year. Each special theater showing will feature popular anime episodes or full-length theatrical releases.

For more information on Anime Movie Night or to purchase tickets to Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: Exclusive Theatrical Release on April 26, visit