Woman Goes Viral After Saving Husband's Gunpla Collection During a Flood

In the face of a disaster, there are things that can and cannot be replaced. Most possessions can be reimbursed if lost, but lives and memories cannot. During floods, you are often better off saving your loved ones rather than your television, but one wife knew she had to save something for her husband. The now-viral couple made sure to save a bunch of Gundam models during a recent flood, and many a championing the wife despite his dangerous decision.

The report comes from 9GAG after a flood came through Yudong, Chongqing in China. A wife and her husband were left shaken after their house began to flood from the street. The husband was particularly distressed since they shared a massive Gunpla collection upstairs, and that is why his wife demanded she be allowed to save what she can.

According to the report, the husband was unable to break into the second floor given his inability to swim. However, the wife believed she could do so given her background as a long-distance swimmer. She managed to break a window on the second floor to grab the Gunpla boxes while her husband inflated a boat to carry her (and the cargo) in.

A slew of videos was taken of the incidence as neighbors helped evacuate the two. The wife got through the ordeal mostly uninjured through she did hurt her finger. She cut it on the glass after breaking a second-floor window. But given her love of Gundam models, you can see why the couple worked together to save their prized collection. Even their dog Oreo did his best to help, and fans are hoping the married couple has made it somewhere safe with their epic Gunpla haul.

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