Disney XD to Air New Pokemon Sun and Moon Episodes in May

pokemon anime sunmoon

The new Pokemon anime is finally hitting stateside. Disney XD will begin airing new episodes of Pokemon Sun and Moon: The Series on May 13th, beginning with the third episode "Loading the Dex." The fourth episode, "First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-style!" will air on Sunday May 14th. Presumably, new episodes will follow every Saturday and Sunday mornings thereafter.

For those who missed the first two episodes of Pokemon Sun and Moon, Disney XD will air those episodes on May 12th.

Disney first announced it had obtained the rights to all 18 seasons of the Pokemon anime last year and aired a mini-marathon in November that featured the first two episodes of the new Pokemon Sun and Moon series as well as the latest Pokemon movie Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel. However, Disney has inexplicably held off on airing new episodes, even after Cartoon Network finished its run of Pokemon XY&Z: The Series in February and new dubbed episodes of the Pokemon Sun and Moon series began airing in other English speaking countries last month. There's now nearly a five month delay between Pokemon episodes airing in Japan and in the US, which is the longest delay US fans have seen in years.

Disney XD now has a pretty decent block of kid's anime series, with Yo-Kai Watch and Beyblade also airing on Saturday mornings.