You Can Buy Sailor Moon's Engagement Ring for a Limited Time

Sailor Moon is one of the greatest heroines out there, and her influence on anime cannot be overstated. Millions of girls were raised on Moon Prism Power thanks to Serena, and plenty of those fans would love to step into Sailor Moon's shoes. Or thanks to one jeweler, you can now slide into a famous ring that the heroine wore. The pink ring Darien gave her is on sale for a limited time, and it will cost fans a pretty penny to nab one.

The announcement came from Japan recently thanks to Bandai Fashion Collection. The brand confirmed it was bringing back Sailor Moon's classic ring after first debuting it in 2018. The piece's popularity has prompted Bandai to revive the engagement ring, and it will make any lover swoon at a glance.

The ring comes in two metals now with silver and platinum up for grabs. The piece's center stone is made of synthetic corundum with gems bracketing it at the top and bottom. The silver ring uses white topaz as side stones while the platinum ring uses diamonds. There is also an engraving in the ring that reads "Mamoru to Usagi" as those are the characters' Japanese names. And of course, the ring comes in a pink heart-shaped box that reads, "Let's get married, Usa."

sailor moon ring
(Photo: Bandai Fashion Collection)

Clearly, this ring is a dream for any fan of Sailor Moon. If you want one, you will have to be ready to spend a hefty sum. The platinum ring costs about $1,560 USD while the silver retails for $270. It is up to you to decide what suits your partner best, but you better be sure to nab a ring before the limited stock sells out!


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