Video Games That Need Anime Adaptations

If you like video games, then you might want to give anime a try.

The two fandoms have quite an overlap thanks to the anime industry’s interest in video game adaptations. The last decade has seen a sharp rise in anime series that are based on video game titles, and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

From RPGs to classic combat titles, anime is willing to test out any video game franchise if it has the fans to back it up. For instance, the Fate/stay Night series has become a go-to anime staple, but the story originated as a visual novel game from Japan. Other titles like Persona 4: The Animation gained a massive following after it was ripped from a forgotten RPG. And, of course, fans can’t talk about video game anime without mentioning Pokemon.

Still, there are several video games out there which still need anime series. Here at ComicBook, we are listing just some of the many games out there that would make for one memorable anime run if given the chance.

Shadow of Colossus

  • If you have played Shadow of Colossus, then you will understand why the otherworldly title needs an anime. The action-adventure story is a whimsical romp through a forbidden world, and its narrative plot twists are sharp enough to fuel all sorts of storylines. The game itself follows a mysterious lead called Wander as he enters a strange land. The boy comes to the land to revive a loved one of his, so a deity known as Dormin tells Wander to slay 16 of the land’s Colossi. However, these creatures are actually guardians who hold pieces of Dormin’s soul to render the corrupt entity powerless, and the game follows Wander as he succumbs to the stranger’s persuasive charms.


  • Anime has a knack for science-fiction, so Borderlands would be a perfect story for the industry to look into. The first-person shooter is set in a far-off world known as Pandora. Prior to the game’s narrative, fans learn the hostile planet is home to an ancient vault filled with alien tech and weaponry. The mysterious place has been a treasure trove for hunters looking to loot those goods, and gamers eventually come to the Pandora to find the vault as well. The thrilling series has plenty of action and enough comedy to get any sci-fi fan hooked, and anime lovers would key into its charm.

Beyond: Two Souls

  • Should psychological adventures be more your speed, then an anime adaptation of Beyond: Two Souls could be more your style. The game debuted back in 2013 and it follows a young woman named Jodie. Framed in a nonlinear narrative, fans learn that Jodie has powerful telepathic gifts which stem from a psychic bond with an entity named Aiden. Tested by the government, Jodie is eventually forced to join the CIA before she goes AWOL after learning how the organization is using her. The story then follows Jodie as she goes on the run, learns about her psychic connection to Aiden, and how the CIA has been tapping into a dangerous dimension known as the Infraworld.

I Am Setsuna

  • If you thought Clannad was sad, then you better hope I Am Setsuna never gets an anime. The series would be enough to make even the most hard-hearted cry. The RPG title was released just last year, but its quiet gameplay and somber story caught lots of attention. The game follows a mercenary named Endir as he is sent to kill a woman named Setsuna. The lady is meant to sacrifice herself as an offering to her island’s demons, and she manages to convince Endir to join her party as a bodyguard. The game rolls on as Endir and Setsuna’s party shifts during their travels, but their ultimate stop pits the selfless girl against the beasts she’s meant to give herself to. So, naturally, the story ends in tears.