The Walking Dead: Did The Governor’s Bad Eye Change Sides?

The Walking Dead Governor's Bad Eye moves

After the “I Ain’t A Judas” episode of The Walking Dead, there was a little bit of an uproar on Twitter over the Governor’s bad eye. Early in the episode, the white bandages were clearly over the Governor’s right eye. But in a later scene, where the Governor holds a match up to his eye, it’s his left eye that appears injured.

Did the make-up artists mess-up and forget which side the Governor’s bad eye was on from scene to scene? Or was it a case of a flipped image in post production like what happened in the “Home” episode with Daryl’s tattoo changing sides?

It turns out that neither of those two issues occurred, as Chris Hardwick explained the situation on the Talking Dead. When asked if the Governor’s bad eye had switched sides, Chris Hardwick said, “No, It didn’t. I saw a lot of tweets about that. People were like ‘Way to go Walking Dead.’ They would have noticed which eye was the right eye, people. He was looking in a mirror. So the shot that you saw was the Governor facing a mirror. And then, like you know, holding the match up to his eyes. So denied!”

Here’s a screenshot below of the end of scene where the Governor holds up a match to his eye, and you can see that he was indeed looking into a mirror.

Walking Dead The Governor eye patch mirror