The Walking Dead Finale: Carl’s Actions To Have Season Four Implications

Walking Dead Finale Carl GrimesThe most shocking scene on The Walking Dead Season Three Finale might well have been a scene that didn’t involve the death of any of the major characters. After a heavy gunfire exchange between The Governor’s army and Glenn and Maggie resulted in surprisingly no casualties, one member of Rick’s group proved that he knows how to kill the enemy.

As a Woodbury teenager named Jody gets separated from The Governor’s army, he runs into Carl, Hershel, and Beth in the woods. Hershel tells Jody to put the gun down, and he appears to be complying, but rather slowly. Before Jody is able to finish putting the gun down, Carl shoots him in the head.

During The Walking Dead finale, it was unclear exactly why Carl shot Jody. Some have speculated that maybe because Jody was so slow in putting the gun down that Carl feared Jody was going to shoot them. Carl did offer the explanation to Rick that he shot Jody because he may have come back and killed someone, giving the example of how Rick didn’t kill the prisoner Andrew, who later returned and started a chain of events that eventually led to the death of Lori.

In a video about the making of The Walking Dead: Welcome to the Tombs, there was some additional information about Carl’s motivations and the future consequences of his actions. Co-executive Producer Denise Huth said, “Carl’s really angry, and he’s mad, because he feels like he’s not being allowed to be a part of this fight.”

Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl, explained, “In his mind, everyone in Woodbury is hostile. He’s thinking, ‘I can still prove myself.’” Executive Producer Dave Alpert added, “That’s going to have implications for season four and beyond that we’re just going to begin to sort of understand what’s going to happen.”

What are the implications? For starters, we're wondering how the Woodbury survivors will feel if they learn Carl shot one of their own who was in process of surrendering. Could Carl be on the path to becoming a future Governor?