The Walking Dead's Michael Rooker Says Daryl Is A Crybaby And Merle Will Not Return

Zombie MerleIn an appearance at the Phoenix Comicon, Michael Rooker talked about The Walking Dead and answered questions from the audience. When Merle's death scene was brought up by the moderator, an audience member yelled out that Merle made Daryl cry.

Michael Rooker said, "He deserved to cry. That little crybaby, he's been a crybaby all his life. About time he really cried for something."

During Season Three of The Walking Dead, a couple of characters returned as delusional visions. Rick Grimes saw a vision of Shane Walsh and several visions of his wife Lori Grimes. During Season Two of The Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon even saw visions of his brother Merle.

When an audience member asked if Merle might return at all in a vision or anything, Michael Rooker answered, "Hell no, I hope not."

Check out the full video of Michael Rooker's Phoenix Comicon panel below.