Veronica Mars Spinoff Goes Meta, Revolves Around Trying to Make a Veronica Mars Spinoff


Earlier today at the Television Critics Association, The CW's President Mark Pedowicz announced that Veronica Mars, one of the network's most-loved series of all time, would be getting a digital spinoff on CW Seed soon. No release date was attached and there was no premise for the story, as the deal had reportedly just been done.

Well, Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas has taken to Twitter to give a version of the plot which, if true, is...weirdly meta.

The premise, he says, revolves around actor Ryan Hansen attempting to get a spinoff produced for his character, Dick Casablancas.

Asked to clarify whether it would be an obvious fiction or a faux-reality series--and whether Hansen (who also appeared in Thomas's Party Down) would play himself or Dick, Thomas elaborated:

Odds are probably pretty good that the "version of Ryan" used in the series will be pretty similar to the version we saw in the Kickstarter video used to pitch the production of the Veronica Mars movie last year. In it, Hansen showed up uninvited at star Kristen Bell's house, bringing with him several other members of the supporting cast and Thomas himself, and harassed Bell about when a Veronica Mars movie would finally happen.

You can see the video embedded below.