Veronica Mars Featured On Entertainment Weekly's Valentine's Day Cover, New Clip Debuts

veronica-mars-entertainment-weeklyIn what would have seemed like a strange twist about a year ago, Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring appear in wardrobe as Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls on the cover of this week's Valentine's Day-themed issue of Entertainment WeeklyVeronica Mars director Rob Thomas has announced to the Kickstarter supporters who funded the film.

"That's right: ten years after Veronica Mars first appeared on television, and eight years after getting canceled, we've finally landed the cover story in Entertainment Weekly," Thomas wrote.

The full article won't be available until EW hits newsstands on Friday, but in the EW also has two new videos: a clip of Bell and Dohring from their photoshoot (on Facebook and embedded below) and new footage from the movie (on their website - no embed available).